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Our system is distinct from the public secular school system. Our curriculum and schools produce top academic and community-minded graduates. It’s time to speak up for Catholic Education. Help us build a community that celebrates our distinct school system by sharing our positive message with your friends, in your church, and in our schools.


Send your good news stories about Catholic education to: acabral@ocsta.on.ca. 

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Our communities celebrate what matters most – inclusivity, diversity, excellence and faith.

Our schools produce graduates who are responsible citizens, caring family members and
collaborative contributors to the common good of society.

These are values that we celebrate and share with all Ontarians.

Download posters and flyers, or find
messages you can put on your school’s
website or social media pages.

Use our sharing tools to let your
friends know about our movement
on social media and by email.

Download printable flyers and find
messages you can share with your community in your church bulletin.

Share with us an expectional story of those putting
their faith into action in Ontario’s Catholic schools.

Ontario’s Catholic schools are distinctly different.

Our schools foster spirituality and produce top academic and community-minded graduates. We want to hear about the exceptional individuals in our faith-based system.

Write to us with your stories of exceptional individuals and we’ll share them with our online community.

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