14-time Platinum Certified Ontario Eco School, St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic Elementary School, hosted its 7thannual Eco Fair on April 26th

Visitors who attended the fair were able to explore information booths, which displayed facts about oral hygiene, protecting our forestry, utilizing sustainable modes of transportation, and more.

“Being involved helps us focus on our responsibility to our earth, each other, our spirit and faith,” said Teacher Lucy Hunt, noting that the school is inspired by Pope Francis’ call for action in protecting the planet.  

“The St. Marguerite community has developed an inclusive eco-friendly culture,” added Principal Jenny Frappa. 

Grade 3 students from St.James the Apostle Catholic Elementary School visited to educate visitors on the effects plastic straws have on our eco system and marine life. They explained that plastic does not break down, and 90% of marine animals have ingested the material resulting in illness and/or death. The students also suggested using eco-friendly alternatives such as paper, metal, or bamboo straws.

“We recycle and compost, banned the plastic water bottle, shut half the school’s lights off, started growing a Carolinian canopy which now includes 38 trees, we planted our butterfly gardens that surround our school, hatch butterflies, our students have litterless lunches and use reusable containers and lunch bags every day,” said Principal Jenny Frappa, listing only a few of the practices.  

“Having experiences that combines our moral responsibility and commitment to healthy living builds a better place,” added Frappa. 

Join us in celebrating the staff and students at St. Marguerite who show their passion for eco-friendly alternatives on a daily basis.