Catholic Education Week is a time to celebrate the distinctiveness of a Catholic education and the beneficial impact of Catholic schools in communities across Ontario. This year, ALCDSB recognized the accomplishments of staff, students and community members who demonstrate outstanding service.

Adult Volunteer of the Year Award

The recipient of this award is Philip Campbell. Campbell has been volunteering at St.Peter Catholic School setting up breakfast club, bringing joy to students. His personality is one that is well known, and many students attend specifically to talk with him and laugh at his jokes!

Contribution to Catholic Education Award

Archbishop O’Brien was honoured for this award as a result of his 12 years of episcopal ministry in the Archdiocese of Kingston where he supported positive relations between the Archdiocese, its pastoral offices, and the Board.

Elementary Student Volunteer Award

Sarah Minaker and Stella Sutton were recognized for their Christian attitude and dedication through their time volunteering with JJ O’Neil. They also participate in Eco Club, Food Share, and consistently volunteer in Kindergarten classrooms.

Excellence in Supporting Catholic Education Award

Paula Johnson-Young, Youth Worker at St.Francis of Assisi Catholic School, is recognized for her excellence in the workplace while supporting faith-based education. Her commitment to the community involves being a mentor, community partner, and investing endless time and energy into ensuring others have what they need.

Secondary Student Volunteer Award

Jessica Silva is the recipient of this award because she lives her life in faith through her commitment to school, church, and community. She always puts others first and is attentive to the needs of others. She leads prayer and inspires others with her respect and dignity.

Archbishop Francis J. Spence Catholic Teacher of the Year Award

The recipient for this award is Colleen Earle, who teaches at St.Francis of Assisi Catholic School. Earle exemplifies the spirit of the Mission Statement through connecting with students and communicating through a centered approach based in spiritual growth.

The Katharine Award

Robert Thurston, caretaker at St.Theresa Catholic Secondary School, was recognized for his charitable efforts honouring Katharine Splinter. Thurston greets students daily and looks out for their safety and well-being. Mental health is a large priority of his, which he has spoken out about at school assemblies. Following recent tragedies at the school, he wants to ensure that he can make the school a safe place for all.