A group of students from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board are being recognized as heroes for helping a bus driver who collapsed with a medical emergency.

It happened on the first Monday morning after March break.  

Aidan Gilmore was sitting at the front of the bus and “all of a sudden the bus driver started having convulsions and I realized he was having a seizure,” said Gilmore.

The Grade 10 student rushed to assist the driver. He had never driven a car before, but chose to help anyway by carefully bringing the bus to a stop at the side of the road.

Other students on the bus assisted too, including 17-year-old Keven Brennan, 16-year-old Logan McCorquindale, 16-year-old Rachel Watson, and 16-year-old Kennedy Couture. They helped with first aid and phoned the school to inform them of what had happened while they waited for emergency services to arrive.

The bus driver was taken to the hospital for doctors to evaluate him and is doing much better. He was quick to thank the students for their fast thinking and action while being faced with an emergency.

Join us in congratulating these extremely heroic students from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School!