Grade one students at St. John Catholic School in the Toronto Catholic District School Board helped raise funds for the homeless people of Toronto.

The students in teacher Tralee Redford’s class raised over $1,000 through Raising the Roof’s Toque Campaign.

“Helping Raising the Roof is the least that I can do as a person who is more fortunate and as a teacher, who has a responsibility to teach about this type of outreach and empathy,” said grade one teacher Tralee Reford.

They raised awareness and money through weekly announcements, selling knit hats during recess and giving presentations to each classroom, and learned a valuable lesson in empathy and compassion.

“I’ve learned over the years, that children have their own power and can do some very amazing things if they put their mind to it,” Reford said.

Reford is not stranger to helping the homeless. In addition to participating in the Raising the Roof Toque Campaign, she also volunteers at the Out of the Cold programs by serving hot food and handing out meal vouchers.

Please join us in congratulating Tralee Reford and her students for doing their part to address homelessness in Toronto.