The Wellington Catholic District School Board tallied up the funds raised at their 16th Annual Bishop’s Dinner for Community Needs — a grand total of $55,000.

The annual event, attended by over 500 guests and dignitaries, raises funds for organizations that provide mental health supports, compassionate care, mentor programs, care for the environment and children with disabilities for the local Guelph community.

“We often say Wellington Catholic begins with ‘We,’” said Tamara Nugent, director of education for the Wellington Catholic District School Board. “The generosity of our sponsors and attendees is outstanding. It is a testament to how we care for one another.”

The funds raised at the event were given to Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington, Ignatius Jesuit Centre’s Sacred Ground Campaign, KidsAbility Centre for Child Development, the Guelph Lake Interpretive Centre, and the Welcome In Drop-In Centre.

“We’re so appreciative of all those who have lent their support over the years and that together we’re able to make an impact on the well-being of our community,” said board chair Marino Gazzol. “We strive to be givers.”

Over the years the WCDSB has given $675,733 to organizations throughout the Guelph area.

Please join us in thanking the Wellington Catholic District School Board for their continued support, dedication and generosity to the wider Guelph community.