The students and staff at Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School are taking an inclusive approach to community outreach: one that helps both groups in need, and the students themselves.

The initiatives that the staff and students dedicate their time to are varied: some focus on faraway communities in need, while others are more localized. The Water Walk Experience asks students to raise awareness for those who must walk every day to fetch drinking water by doing so themselves, with the funds raised going towards providing drinkable water for communities in Kenya. Closer to home, Monsignor Doyle students and staff take part in programs meant to improve the lives of their peers and friends, which focus on crucial areas such as eradicating bullying and providing accessibility for disabled students.

“Monsignor Doyle staff and students put their faith in action by celebrating each and every student in so many different ways,” said technology teacher Greg Cinti. “Our Faith is more than attending mass here at Doyle. It is part of everything we do and how we do it.”

Some of the other amazing community initiatives that the staff and students participate in throughout the year include the Gleaners Service Program, Toonies for Terry Fox, and Into the Cold, during which students spend a chilly night in front of Cambridge City Hall in order to advocate for and raise awareness about homelessness.

These programs embody the school’s motto: “We Walk the Path of Learning, Faith and Respect Together”. Their approach to aiding those in need, both around the world, in their community, and even in their own school is inspiring.

Join us in celebrating Monsignor Doyle students and staff who exemplify the positive impact Catholic schools have throughout their communities, and inside their own doors.