The grade ten student from Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Kanata created a high-visibility backpack to help keep cyclists safe. Developed over several years, her invention was so successful that it earned her a Youth Award at the annual Crime Prevention Ottawa Community Safety Awards.

“This award has inspired me to continue to work hard at school and to contribute positively to society,” said Sarah, a student at Holy Trinity Catholic High School. “I am very passionate about helping others and am hoping to inspire youth to bring their ideas forward to continue making the community a better and safe place to live.”

Sarah’s high-visible backpack features a LED lighting system with turn signals that let drivers know if a cyclist is turning right, left or proceeding straight through an intersection. The turn signals are solar powered and controlled by a wireless remote mounted to the bike’s handlebars. Plus, the backpack also has a battery that allows cyclists to charge their phones.

The Youth Award was presented to Sarah by councillor Allan Hubley from Kanata South, and Emergency and Protective Services general manager Anthony Di Monte at Ottawa City Hall.  

This is just one example of how Ontario’s Catholic schools help shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

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