St. Anthony’s Catholic School has never had a segregated class for students with disabilities — the focus has always been on meeting their needs in the classroom with their peers.

The staff of the Kincardine school use a variety of tools and strategies to support each student and create an inclusive learning environment. The overriding goal for the school is that children of all abilities are able to work together in teams, build friendships and develop personal growth.

“The key to successfully including and supporting children with disabilities is to look at the whole child and not just focus all of our attention on what their needs or weaknesses are”, said Janey Campbell, principal at St. Anthony’s Catholic School. “Our commitment to inclusion is positive for students with disabilities and the bottom line is that everyone benefits and everyone wins.”

The classrooms have features such as quiet areas where students can relax, and stand up desks, alternative seating and bean bags to accommodate physical disabilities. There is also a calm room available for those students who need additional stimulation or support.

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