Eight-year-old Ava Bartolini from Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School in Niagara Falls
raised an impressive $950 USD in relief funds for Hurricane Irma.

The grade three student was devastated after learning about the damage Hurricane Irma caused in Florida and instantly wanted to help. After discovering she wouldn’t make it to Florida to partake in clean-up initiatives, Ava decided she would help in another way. She prepared a donation box and a poster herself and held a collection after mass. After only two days of fundraising, Ava had raised more money than she ever imagined.

“I saw what happened on TV and my mum and lots of people told me that it was going to be hard to clean up and I was sad because lots of peoples’ houses were ruined,” said Ava.

After raising the relief funds, the next step for the Bartolini family was deciding how to get the money to the United States. Since the family was unable to assist in clean up efforts, they decided to take the time to drive the money Ava raised down to Florida and personally deliver it to a Catholic charity.

“I’m very proud of what she’s accomplished,” said Ava’s mother, Monica Bartolini. “Her next goal is to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.”

Students like Ava show us how when you’re committed to making a difference for others, God provides a way to make it work. Ontario’s Catholic schools produce graduates who are determined to help those in need.

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