St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Hamilton delivered gifts of presence rather than presents this past Christmas.

Called the Christmas Kindness Campaign, St. Mary’s Health Action Team came together to help encourage goodwill and spread cheer around Christmas. The team created a present board where students and staff pledged acts of kindness, with activities ranging from baking for neighbours, donating food and visiting elders, to simply being kind to others.

“During this busy time of year, and often a lonely time for many, it is nice to do something special for others,” said Kelly Duffy-Kariam, social worker at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School. “A simple act of kindness can make anyone’s day and we all need kindness in our lives.”

The Health Action Team is compiled of dedicated students and staff who volunteer their time to create a healthy school environment. The team is committed to ensuring these acts of kindness continue beyond Christmas season and carry on year-round.

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