Students, teachers and parents from across the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board are coming together to help others through prayer and community.

Both St. Peter Elementary School and St. Benedict Elementary School in Orangeville formed rosary clubs to unite people in their local community with faith. These clubs provide students a welcoming space for reflection and prayer with friends and the parent volunteers who lead them.

“The rosary club prays with intention every week to help others across the world,” said Tove Schmidt, parent organizer of the rosary club at St. Peter Elementary School. “From hurricane relief, local community members in need, to their own families, the rosary club comes together to consider those in the community who may need some extra support.”

Around 35 to 45 students meet on Friday’s to pray, learn and grow together. Each week, there is a group discussion about who or what the group will pray for. There is also a prayer box situated at the entrance of both schools, where anyone is welcome to submit an anonymous prayer request that will be addressed at the following meeting.

Uniting community through prayer exemplifies how Ontario’s Catholic School’s come together to consider the needs of others and find a way to help.

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