Niagara Catholic District School Board received a very special visit from the Premier on Oct. 12.


Premier Kathleen Wynne was in attendance for the opening of the Niagara Launch Centre — a hands-on education facility dedicated to manufacturing, construction and automotive technology. Built into the old Target location at Seaway Mall, the centre is a one-stop shop for students interested in trades development and technology.

“There is a strong network of support with a lot of great people,” said Marco Magazzeni, Administrator of Alternative Programs and Community Support. “We are caring for kids, we are building a community and we are building a workforce in Niagara.”

It was a day the community would remember forever, with the Premier lauding the centre and its community during the 90-minute visit.

“We’re not just building the capacity for learning in schools, we are also building it in the community,” said the Premier. “We don’t just need some students to do their best, we need all students to do their best.”

Ontario’s Catholic schools are building alternative classroom opportunities to help students thrive.

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