Dedicated, committed, knowledgeable. 

These are some of the words Pat Hogan, former staff member at OCSTA, uses to describe her eight years with the trustees’ association.

Pat began her career at OCSTA in 1987. She remembers her years in Catholic education as some of the most impactful she’s experienced, meeting students and teachers who were truly making a difference in their communities.

“I was always inspired by the depth of faith commitment I experienced when visiting a school board or facilitating a retreat day for trustees,” Pat says. 

She recalls speaking at an OCSTA conference and notes the support of her colleagues, offering any assistance or resources she might need for this presentation.

At this conference, students shared their stories about what it was like attending a Catholic school, celebrating teachers, participating in activities and having a commitment to service that made a difference.

“With a teacher from St. Paul’s Catholic School in Regent Park, we fashioned a presentation which was interspersed with children telling stories that related to their experience in a Catholic school. Some were special needs children,” Pat says.

It was a moment that sticks with her still — living proof of the great impact of Ontario’s Catholic schools.

Pat brought her experience at OCSTA to the next stages of her career — teaching at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and later working as a certified grief counsellor at St. Joseph Centre in Windsor. Pat is now “retired,” but continues to provide counsel to others and is a volunteer who conducts weekly visits with isolated people.

Pat Hogan’s memories are vivid 22 years later. Through her experiences, she knows that together we are stronger when building our community of faith. Enriching lives of Catholic students will always be an important part of her life. 

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