Students across a school board will be able to enjoy a lesson that began in a single classroom at O’Gorman Intermediate Catholic School in Timmins.

Louise Houde, a Grade 8 student, created a colouring book for students called Behind My Eyesthat was inspired when teacher Brianne Charlebois instructed the class to draw illustrate one of the Beatitudes and how it applies today.

When Charlebois saw Louise’s assignment, “all I wanted to do was colour it,” she said.

Louise got to work. After getting a go ahead from the Union President and the Director of Education, the book was piloted with a group of Grade 4 students. The kids received it so enthusiastically, the board is going to roll the books out across the district.

“Some of them were inspired by the fact that if you’re an artist — maybe if you’re not good in English or in math — you are an artist and you can still look forward to other opportunities,” said Charlebois.

And for Louise, that gets right down to the point.

“The creation of Behind My Eyes is a good step forward towards an accepting world,” she said. “The small sentences per page rhythmically become a wonderful story on how both God and Jesus love and accept everybody, and that we can see the best of us through Their eyes.”

Adds Charlebois, “She wants everyone to know that they are made the way they were supposed to be.”

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