Thanks to the Grade 2 and 3 students at École Ste-Marguerite Bourgeoys in Markham, their 3D printing design project has revolutionized lesson plans across the entire Kenora Catholic District School Board.

The Religious Education Teachers came to the class with a project: to produce a set of sacred vessels for learning about Eucharist and Mass. The class not only designed and printed everything themselves, but the sets were a huge success! They are being mass-produced for all the elementary schools within the Kenora Catholic District School Board.

“It’s really amazing to watch their learning and play unfold,” said Marie Lundin, Religious Education Teacher. “Because the students made the vessels themselves, it’s meaningful to the students.”

The class will be mass-producing seven to nine sets, with each set taking approximately 20 hours to print. Sets will be provided to St. Louis School, St. John School and Pope John Paul II School. Each set consists of a cross, ciborium, chalice, candle, cross, cruets, as well as a Bible – the most difficult piece to design and print because of its moveable hinges.

This project is the perfect example of how Catholic education continues to pursue unique opportunities for students to experience academic excellence in an inclusive, faith-based environment.

Share this story to inspire your school! Maybe a 3D printing design project is just the thing your class needs to bring people together with the wonders of faith and technology.

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