Jean-Paul Dupont builds environments where students can do their very best.

A music, math and food and nutrition teacher at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in St. Catharines, Dupont started the school music program from scratch. He brought together members from First Nations to work firsthand with students.


And now he has received a top nod from the very top.

It’s not every day Justin Trudeau honours the country’s best teachers. But this past June the prime minister recognized Dupont with an excellence award. The award left his vice-principal beaming.

“From Mr. Dupont’s willingness to give of himself for the betterment of his students, to his servant leadership amongst his colleagues, J.P. has been nothing short of remarkable. The students of Holy Cross are better because of him”, said John Belcastro, vice-principal.

Dupont encourages students to believe in themselves and their value to society.  Founding the board-wide Art and Soul program, he brings students together for a two-day retreat to explore creativity and faith. He organized a cross-cultural performance with First Nations members and the school band. And now the leader of our country has recognized all his dedicated service.

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