Kindergarten students received an exceptional opportunity to star in their very own classroom film about their latest creative project, The Story Workshop.

Debuting on December 5, 2016 for the entire school, the video features the innovative project implemented by kindergarten classroom teachers. The students imagine and create a story with their blocks, then sit down with their teachers to write a full story.

“When the students are playing with blocks for example, they will tell us a story about something they have made with the blocks, like a tower. The teacher will write down the story for them and some of them can write their own story,” said kindergarten teacher Kristen Bowlin.

“We will talk to them about their story and they will add another medium like paint that helps to enrich their story. Through this process the students are learning that they are all storytellers and authors.”

The video was developed through the board’s Idea Lab and produced and directed by Matt Kennedy of Up River Media Inc. It’s the second video in a series of videos showcasing Innovative Learning Projects within the Kenora Catholic District School Board.

Innovative projects like these are just one way we make learning more accessible for our students. Join us today and help us strengthen Ontario’s Catholic education system.