Not only is St. Mary’s High School student Kyne Santos a top scholar, he is also a skilled makeup artist, experimenting with dramatic looks and posts online makeup videos.

 With a 98 per cent average, Kyne has been awarded a Schulich Leader Scholarship, beating out 1,462 other top students across the nation and winning one of the 50 awards given across the country. He will use this $60,000 scholarship to study math at the prestigious University of Waterloo.

Kyne demonstrates top academic achievement, while sticking true to himself and his creative flare.

“A lot of people think that math and science is hard, cold, calculating, just plugging in numbers and memorizing facts. But it’s really about creativity,” he said.

Kyne has positive things to say about the supportive community at St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Kitchener.

“You’d think that it’s very conservative, very weird for me to be myself there, but it’s actually really progressive,” he said.

Our schools not only produce top graduates like Kyne, but they also nurture inclusive environments, helping our students become the best they can be.

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