The project began when Madame Megan Baker submitted an application to the board’s Idea Lab to purchase a 3D printer, developing various design challenges for her students while making them excited about their learning.

The Idea Lab is a process within the Kenora Catholic District School Board that began in 2013. There are 11 stewards that work within the Idea Lab.  The stewards support big educational projects that teachers may not otherwise have the time or resources to implement on their own.

After weeks of research, which included a field trip to Derouard Motors and KAL Tire to study vehicle design, the students were able to create their 3D moveable vehicles. The challenges incorporated curriculum from technology, science, math, art, design and business and resulted in rich engagement for the students.

“The project was very challenging at first but it was a lot of fun”, says Maddyn, grade three student.  “I’m proud of our class.”

The results of the students’ 3D vehicle design project were videotaped, and developed through the board’s Idea Lab and produced and directed by Matt Kennedy of Upriver Media Inc.

The video was released on November 3rd at an exclusive red carpet viewing where students were able to watch the video for the first time along with their families.

Grade 3 student Jasper talks about watching the video, “I am feeling very proud after watching the video. It felt good to see me on the video.”

Ontario Catholic schools and school boards consistently meet or exceed provincial expectations in student achievement, program delivery, class size and character development. It’s passionate teachers like Baker who are committed to bringing the best and newest technology to their classrooms. 

“Now I’m working with my class to look at ways that they can solve a problem or a challenge within the school or community by using their design skills and the 3D printer.  The class is in the process right now of designing items for the religious education program at our school.”