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One of the most popular initiatives arising from OCSTA’s ongoing campaign for Catholic Education is the annual Faith in Our Future short-video contest for CDSB students.

We’re pleased to announce that this fall OCSTA will once again be hosting this competition for students in Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic schools.

The theme for this year’s contest is “The Story behind the Name of Our Catholic School.”

This theme is designed to encourage students  to delve into the history of the person/saint for  whom their school was named and to be  creative in telling that story. Students are also  encouraged to share in the video the ways in  which that person’s life and actions have  brought meaningful inspiration to students  today.

It’s leaders like these that help our schools  produce graduates who are responsible citizens,  caring family members and collaborative  contributors to the common good of society.

You can watch last year’s entries here: NjYULZ3jvnNJ_0


The contest is open to all students in grades 4 –  12 at Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic schools.  Participants are asked to submit a 2-minute  video about the person for whom their school  was named and illustrate how the life of that  person/saint offers inspiration to the student(s)  submitting the entry.

The submission deadline is November 28,  2016.

Students and staff are encouraged to download and read the guidelines and submission form.



The Association is very appreciative of the tremendous effort and creativity that goes into every short-video entry. For that reason we will once again be sharing on social media ALL submissions that meet video guidelines throughout the month of December.

The videos will be placed on OCSTA’s publicly accessible YouTube Channel so that as many people as possible will be able to benefit from the messages students share about the lives of the saints and other individuals who have inspired our communities to name schools in their honour.


First place: $300 Best Buy Gift Certificate
Second place: $150 Best Buy Gift Certificate
Third place: $100 Indigo Gift Certificate.

The winners will be announced at OCSTA’s annual Catholic Trustees’ Professional Development Seminar on January 13, 2017 in Toronto.

For more information, please contact Sharon McMillan, Director of Communications at (416) 932-9460 / smcmillan [at]

Download PDF of Contest Submission Guidelines