Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School is first and foremost a Catholic high school and proudly celebrates faith not only through a variety of Religion courses, masses and liturgical experiences, but also through conscientiously ensuring that messages of Christ’s Gospel are interwoven throughout everything they do at.

The school exemplifies Ontario’s Catholic education values by regularly challenge students to think of goodness and justice, and to generate random acts of kindness at every opportunity.  Their main goal is that that students consistently share their gifts as they are challenged to be the change they hope to see in the world.

Mother Teresa has a reputation for their ongoing and strong commitment to academics, the arts, athletics, and extra-curriculars which have and continue to lead students to personal success. The school has a strong repertoire of programs to support student learning and achievement.  Academically, the school offers a vast array of courses which allow students to experience their talents, desires and skills, as well as their post-secondary pathway.

The school offers both an English and French Immersion program to support the Grade 9 to 12 academic experience and encourages students to expand their cultural horizons and academic excellence. Similarly, the Advanced Placement Program (AP) provides an opportunity for motivated, prepared Grade 11 and 12 students to experience university-level curricula and examinations while attending secondary school. They are the only secondary school in London offering this program with a direct integration into the Grade 9 and Grade 10 programs.

Perhaps most unique to Mother Teresa is their International Student Program, which supports international students from China to complete their high school education. The program fosters an inclusive and accepting culture towards all faith and ethnic backgrounds.

The school community is made up of many individuals, both students and staff, representing different faiths, cultural backgrounds, and abilities.  Students and staff at Mother Teresa strive to celebrate the diversity of their school community through in all school curriculum, programs and activities.