Catholic Education Week happens May 1-6, 2016 at Ontario’s Catholic schools, their parishes and surrounding communities.

This year’s theme for Catholic Education Week takes its inspiration from the “Year of Mercy” that was announced by Pope Francis as “a time of grace, peace, conversion and joy.”

During the week, Catholic schools in Ontario will be highlighting the many ways Ontarians open doors of mercy each day for one another.

“Mercy speaks of kindness and compassion, reaching out and finding a place in our hearts for those around us,” says Matthew Marin, President of the Catholic Board Council, Ontario Student Trustees Association.

Each day of Catholic Education Week is marked by special activities at all grade levels and includes prayer celebrations and service activities. Students and teachers come together to learn about how to show mercy in their communities.

Students commented on the theme of mercy in a special short video highlighting the week across the province, explaining “we show mercy by including everyone and making everyone feel safe.”

Catholic and faith-based education is known for its focus on community building, producing graduates who are responsible citizens, caring family members and collaborative contributors to the common good of society.

Another student concludes, “mercy is shown through our actions and words.”
For a list of activities happening at many Catholic school boards across the province visit the Catholic Education Week Activities page.

The hashtag for Catholic Education Week is #CEW2016.

Share with your community today how Catholic and faith-based education celebrates merciful stewardship.