Meet Tianna Legacy

An exceptional student inspired through faith-based education.

“I wrote the song to show how Canadian youth are very accepting of one another, and how we celebrate all different cultures.”

Tianna Legacy is a 13-year-old Grade 8 student at Holy Family Catholic Elementary School, who has recently been recognized by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) for her music video “United in Canada”. Tianna composed the music and lyrics for the original song to celebrate a Canadian identity rooted in the spirit of belonging and multiculturalism.

At only 13, Tianna is working hard to help eliminate racism in Canada and around the world. Her faith-based education has sparked her passion for fairness and community and has helped Tianna flourish. Catholic education has helped Tianna understand and foster an inclusive and accepting culture towards all faith backgrounds. She wants to make sure that the rest of Canada is as welcoming as she is.

Support Tianna and view her music video here.