Stacey Cosgrove

If I think back to when I was pregnant, with my twin girls, I always knew they would attend a Catholic School. My husband, Joel Ferreira, and I, had both attended Catholic schools and we wanted to carry on the traditions and beliefs which our parents gave us. It was more of a ‘gift to our girls’, really, then it was a choice of schools. We wanted them to have everything that a faith-based education would bring. Jayda and Madison where only three (3) years old when they started JK, and like every mommy I was extremely nervous on that first day.

I experienced that same nervous feeling just 2 years ago, when we moved from Hespeler to South Cambridge and the girls started Grade 5 in a new school - Holy Spirit. After only 10 minutes of meeting with their new teacher, Mrs. Gingrich; however, I was at ease because I knew my children would be safe and completely happy in their new surroundings. Our school offers many extra fun, spiritual, family and “girl” focused programs, which I think sets the Catholic School board apart.

My children come home everyday with great stories from their religion classes and they have a sense of belonging and good values. We just completed Confirmation (grade 7’s), which had us talking over dinner, nightly, about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and as the school encouraged families to aid in researching of Saints to help the children choose their Confirmation names.

There were many discussions and even phone calls to Grandad, to clarify differences they had found online, before selecting Emilia and Elizabeth. The Confirmation process brought our entire family even closer together, during this very special time in our daughters’ lives. Thank you Catholic Education!