St. Peter shows solidarity with local mosque

In the wake of the tragic shooting at a Quebec City mosque, Ottawa’s St. Peter High School community reached out to a local mosque with love and support, and a message from staff and students: We care.

feature.jpgAfter speaking about this terrible tragedy with Imam Mohammed Badat of Masjid Balil mosque, teachers Scott Searle and Linda Roe wanted to find a way  to  support the grieving community. Students made cards and posters after  school, with the whole school coming together to offer love and kindness to  those who needed it most.

  “Our students were happy that they could do something to reach out to their  friends and help them feel a little bit better, knowing that we all stand together  as one human family,” said Linda Roe.

 The members of the mosque were touched by the heartwarming gesture. They  invited the leadership class to visit the cards and posters on display, and see first  had their positive impact. To show their gratitude, the mosque presented the  students with homemade cards of their own, and the school with a  commemorative plaque.

 “All of us are proud to work in a faith-based environment that shows such love  and solidarity with people of different religious backgrounds,” said Scott Searle.

The entire St. Peter community has done a wonderful job of demonstrating the Catholic Graduate Expectations by spreading love, kindness, and compassion. The OCSB family is extremely proud of St. Peter for going above and beyond to make a loving difference in their community.

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