Meet Brenna Roblin

Brenna Roblin: An Exceptional Student Leader

feature.jpegBrenna Roblin is committed to putting her faith into action. Her teachers have conveyed the importance of following the example of Jesus to love and serve. With sports teams, social justice initiatives and helping to make her school a welcoming place for all students, Brenna has her plate full.

Yet as a student leader at St. Peter Catholic Secondary School in Peterborough, she welcomes the opportunity to make an impact to help others and strengthen the community around her. 

“I’ve been so, so lucky to have the teachers that I’ve had — these amazing people who have moulded me and taught me not just the curriculum but how to be a good person. So, I feel that I’ve really benefited from my school environment,” said Roblin, 17.  

With all she’s been given, this student gives back. Her rowing team improved their time by a more than a minute at a June regatta, the Gay Straight Alliance has inspired a safe environment for her classmates and the social justice club takes on initiatives throughout the year: holiday food drives, raising awareness about plastic pollution, and a hygiene drive for a women’s shelter in town.

But Roblin won’t take all the credit. “I find it’s all in the teachers,” she said.

The desire to give back has obviously taken root in Roblin. When she finishes school, she plans to keep helping others as a speech pathologist.

Roblin is a shining example of a child who was supported by her community, encouraged to thrive and now enters young adulthood carrying the values instilled in her. Help us continue our work by sharing this story with your community.

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