Meet Kyla Dumlao, a remarkable student leader demonstrating excellence in her school community.

Kyla is a remarkable student leader who helped launch a new initiative, pairing students with special needs with other students throughout her school.



“I talked to different leaders and I was  really inspired by how they changed  their schools and how easy it can be to  become a leader.

 It solidified my courage to  live my faith. My faith  originated from my parents,  but I eventually claimed my  faith as my own.”






 Kyla Dumlao is a grade 12 student at  St. Joseph Catholic School inspired by  her faith to help out special needs  students in her school community.

 She helped launch a new initiative that  pairs students with special needs with  other students throughout the school.  They hold parties for special occasions  like Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s  Day, but encourage the buddies to  check in with their friends at least once  a week. So far, there are about 40  students in the program.

 Catholic education fosters spirituality  and produces top academic and  community-minded graduates,  nurturing the whole person: body, mind  and spirit.

 Kyla says, “Always be kind and  respectful. Be a helping hand and never  degrade others. By being kind, you’re  being a symbol of God’s love, and  everyone is deserving of God’s love and  kindness.”