Mary Giardina

Sometimes it takes a crisis to know how important something is to you. For me, this happened 18 months ago, where I suffered severe cardiac arrest.

This was scary for my family to say the least, but the community rallied in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine. Meals, transportation, friendship…anything!

The parish was an incredible support to my husband and children, as the cardiologist told them to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

My children really leaned on their faith during this difficult time, wondering how can life change in a blink of an eye?

Being able to pray and not feel so alone was a tremendous grace to my family…one that I will never fully understand with my mind, but definitely can with my heart J

We all felt the pastors, youth minister, teachers and principal were with us every step of the way. 

Today, when we look back at that time, it’s not the tough moments that come to mind…it’s the caring sense of community and how miracles happen every day that we think about first.


Mary Giardina, Catholic Parent and OAPCE Director

York Catholic District School Board