Meet Krish Joshi

Krish Joshi of Hamilton accepted by elite Junior Academy

feature.jpegKrish Joshi, a 13-year-old at St. Thomas the Apostle in Hamilton, has the opportunity to do big things because of his interest in the very, very small.

 His Grade 6 project on yogurt bacteria and Grade 7 project on the medicinal properties of regular cooking and its effects on the body’s microbes each won him gold at the Science Fair, plus earned him the Hamilton Health Science Award, the BASEF Award and the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Award.

 Now Joshi has been tapped by the Junior Academy of the New York Academy of Sciences, “an elite group of problem solvers made up of talented students, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) experts, and companies around the world dedicated to designing innovative solutions to global challenges.”

 He is among 500 students worldwide, ages 13-19, to be accepted and presented with a set of challenges exploring real issues. In small groups, students collaborate on a virtual platform to find solutions, and are partnered with mentors to boost learning potential. Joshi’s team is tasked with finding a solution for micronutrient deficiency.

 It was a teacher at St. Thomas who recognized Joshi’s passion and encouraged him to apply.

 “I thought Joshi was the perfect student to apply for the Junior Academy because he is very motivated and driven,” said Maureen Richardson. “I knew not only would he be able to handle the additional work but that he would welcome and be excited about the challenge. Krish is someone that will do great things in the future.”

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