Good News Stories

It is sometimes difficult to find good news in today’s world.

Yet there are numerous stories of courage, good will, compassion
and academic success in Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic schools.

Enjoy some good news from across Ontario.

A festival of fantastic kids

The Ottawa Catholic District School Board knows its students are worth celebrating.

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Learning to believe you can succeed

Between her long-term foster kids and her own three children, Kim Finch-Ballance has spent a lot of time in her communities’ schools.

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From refugee to one of ours

Only a few weeks after Maria and her family arrived from Syria, she started school.


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An innovative approach to learning

How do you do more with what you have?

That’s the problem Jamey Robertson set out to solve with his colleagues at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School in Kenora two years ago.

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Showing our kids they’re picture perfect

Students across a school board will be able to enjoy a lesson that began in a single classroom at O’Gorman Intermediate Catholic School in Timmins.

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Students join the fight to raise awareness for Canada’s Indigenous women

It started with an artist in Winnipeg.

But Paul Sabyan, a visual arts teacher at St. Joseph’s College School in Toronto, thought the girls in his school would have much to learn from the Red Dress Project, an initiative started by Jamie Black to raise awareness about Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women.

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OCSTA 2016 Short Video Award Winners

Our schools participated in a short video contest telling the "Story Behind the Name of My Catholic School." The students worked very hard on these videos and we received over 200 entries from across Ontario

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Students reminded of the power of faith at graduation ceremony

When Father Paul MacNeil, Chair of the Niagara Catholic District School Board, welcomed nearly 2,000 students from the board’s eight schools for their Graduation Celebration, he quoted French Jesuit priest and philosopher Pierre Teilharde de Chardin, and urged them to harness the Church’s power of love.

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A sign of understanding

It was a moment of pride when teacher Michelle Evans watched her students at Easter mass.

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