After school program sparks a commitment to community

Usually, St. Hilary Catholic School’s after school program is about fun — think marshmallows and dodgeball. But sometimes, the students and staff come together to do something special.

The group, from the Superior North Catholic District School Board, makes time to help its community through charitable initiatives in Red Rock, just one hour north of Thunder Bay. In one meeting that everyone remembers, students and teachers made three fleece winter blankets for members of their community last December. One was given to the school priest. One was given to a teacher and her newborn baby. And the last was given to a former teacher’s son, who is unfortunately battling cancer.


“The students look forward to the after school program,” said teacher Jen Ross, at St. Hilary Catholic School. “We can hear the kids talking in the hallways or on the playground, telling their friends about the program.”

The teachers of St. Hilary’s also organize team activities for the students, like a game where students build a tower using pretzels and marshmallows. The program allows students to develop a commitment to community, foster play with others and work as a team.

The after-school program at St. Hilary’s is a testament to our dedication to community service and nurturing lifelong learners. Help us continue our work by sharing this story today.