A birthday celebration to remember

Today, one lucky girl will be opening a very special birthday present from the grade 11 students at Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School in Stoney Creek.

After learning in class about the daily food and water struggles that Indigenous families are facing in the north, a class of grade 11 students decided to connect with the Northern Box Project. The initiative matchessponsors to Indigenous families to help assemble birthday kits for children. The class matched with Jolie, a 12-year-old girl wholives in Sandy Lake, Ontario, the most northern part of our province.                                                                                                       


“Seeing the whole class dedicated to helping someone was truly inspiring," said Natasha McHale, world religions teacher at Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School. "The students worked hard to ensure Jolie experienced her best birthday yet." 

The present for Jolie was filled with cake mix, party decorations and her favourite stuffed animal. Most people expect to receive things like these on their birthdays, but we must remember that others may not have access to these simple luxuries that we often take for granted.

It was one small gesture that meant so much. When people come together to help others in need, the impact is infinite. Imagine how much joy we could bring if all of our school communities came together to help even more children celebrate their birthdays.

Celebrate the great work at Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School and share this story today.